Who in the World Gives the Most? Here Are the Top Charitable Nations

1381374_71397914With all the cynicism these days and distressing news domestically and internationally, it is a pleasant surprise to the jaded many among us that the United States has regained the distinction of being the most generous nation in the world…but in the recent report from the Charitable Aid Foundation World Giving Index, there are some definite surprises.

160 nations were examined in relation to the willingness of citizenry to volunteer, help strangers, and donate money to causes. The number one country in the world in these three criteria is, once again (after falling behind Australia in the recent past) the US, followed by Canada, Myanmar(?!), and New Zealand.  Among the top ten are a couple more that might not immediately come to mind: Qatar and Sri Lanka. 

Interesting to note, that in the Top Ten giving nations, the least popular category is volunteering. Bummer. Among all the nations, the highest rating for volunteer activities among the populace, is…drumroll, please…Turkmenistan.

Also interesting and also a bummer, global rates of all three criteria have fallen since 2007. We just don’t give money, time, or assistance like we used to.

Lots of good news here, too…The biggest jumps are, encouragingly, among the world’s youth, and generosity is on the rise in super-sized nations India and China!

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