Hospitality Industry Doing the Right Thing

Photo: Gregory Morris/REDBARNSTUDIO.BIZ

Photo: Gregory Morris/REDBARNSTUDIO.BIZ

Perhaps because I work around and within so many facets of the hotel/hospitality industry, I take it very personally if a brand goes astray of the client-base in values, and, conversely, when a business chain does something right by the people–I see it as cause for celebration. Any industry, actually, that makes good, people-centered choices, deserves accolades. Green and sustainability practices, community support, employee care and consideration, service standards–they all make doing business less of a chore, and make us, as consumers, more apt and satisfied to spend.

This is why I was thrilled with the Marriott Hotel chain coming out so strongly against the ridiculous discrimination bill, SB1062, in Arizona. In addition, other corporate giants have been steadfastly opposed to stepping backward from progress (travel industry heavy hitters like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, plus other mega-corporations like Apple and the Superbowl…) and this is what, I suspect, swayed Arizona’s governor to veto that bit of nastiness.

Also in the last day or two, Hilton Hotels have made a great statement with their actions, doing the right thing. Hilton Worldwide, in all the properties they own or manage, will cease serving or ordering Shark Fin. The atrocious shark finning industry that catches sharks of many species in the wild, slices off heir dorsal and sometimes pectoral fins, then slips the dying animal back in the water to suffer and die, has been the target of forward thinking responsible folks for a long time. Petitions and dutiful action against this industry that is decimating entire species (parallel to rhino and elephant poaching–unnecessary agony for questionable if any return) have not had prior great effect–but the Hilton announcement this week is a big step forward. Their Asia Pacific properties might take a hit with customer demand and expectation, but not every right decision is the most popular decision…and that’s why I’m proud when the travel world makes good choices.

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