Good Causes, Good People, Good Opportunity. Hang Out With Damon and Affleck for Charity.

SO there are just some celebrities who do it right. They are political in ways that cross party aisles. They use their amplified voices to get the world to listen. They throw their celebu-weight behind causes that truly change the world. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are two at the highest level of this category. The buddies have long been advocates for a world of fairness and peace, and grew into philanthropic and activist powerhouses with their charitable organizations. Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative is a true leader in elevating awareness and action in this devastated region of Africa, and Damon’s puts millions of eyeballs on the issue of world water access and inequality (not to mention quality). Of course these organizations are not one-man-bands, and are run day-to-day by incredible teams of tireless staff and volunteers, but the fact that they are passion projects for a couple of famous dudes gets a great level of attention, recognition, and, ideally, our action.

Omaze is hosting a charity fundraiser, where for a ten buck donation, you can enter to win an evening in Hollywood hanging out with Damon and Affleck…or Affleck and Damon…

Your flight plus one guest’s, as well as hotel, are covered, and together with Ben and Matt you’ll attend a fancy schmancy Hollywood event, and hang out. Proceeds go to support their two organizations, so everybody wins. Check out their goofy, fun video after the jump, and if you want to learn more about pitching in and getting more deeply involved with their outstanding organizations, click and go: Eastern Congo Initiative and or

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