Yerdle: Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now

Dr Seuss' version

Dr Seuss’ version

1329506_64487970Now here is a pretty phenomenal idea…Yerdle is a new way to relate to your old things. With as much ugliness uncovered at the Salvation Army and Goodwill, donating your gently used clothes, technology, housewares, furniture, etc is tougher and tougher to do. This company, that sounds like a Dr Seuss character, is an online community based on giving…and getting. It has been described as the Craig’s List of free stuff. All you do is post items you are ready to part with—from computers to sporting goods, luggage to camping equipment—and others in the community who need just such a gewgaw, will take it off your hands. When you consider 80% of household good are used less than once a month, that second mixer in the back of the cabinet doesn’t make as much sense…nor the bookcase you replaced in your bedroom but stuck the old one out in the garage, just in case…

Most items are given in your local community, unless a giver specifically mentions they will ship (since, in a sustainably-focused world, the last thing you need to be doing is shipping your used items via air/rail/truck/ship/etc), and each time you give, you earn credits. It is a system based on generosity, and it’s kind of great to know that the lamp you used to study by all through college is now being used by a high school kid working on her GED…or something like that…not just sold in a thrift shop.

Go check it out, see if it feels like a good fit in your life. The use, these days, of storage spaces has gone through the roof–and if you don’t actually need those things in your life, isn’t it nice to share?

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