Hyper-locally… It’s How We See Real Change With Green Wish

1433783_84196577It can get a little challenging looking at all the world’s issues you’d like to tackle and solve, but never feeling certain that your drop in the bucket ability to serve really has an impact. As the old adage goes, the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, so to nip donor and volunteer burnout in the bud, it might help to focus very, very close to home.

Hyper-local support is what Green Wish is all about. They are a non-profit that gives funding and support to other non-profits dedicated to green and sustainability issues. Every twelve months they rotate into supporting new organizations that are having successful impacts on their communities. Most of the supportees are small, grassroots projects that have already demonstrated success in their green missions before Green Wish will get behind them, and they prioritize those that focus on issues affecting many aspects of our environment: air, water, earth, sustainable education, etc. When people see measurable improvement in their own neighborhoods, they/we are buoyed and inspired to give even more. Look! It mattered! How great is THAT feeling?

It’s an open-source avenue for green giving and service, and its successes can be seen close at hand. Schools, businesses, retailers, and other organizations get involved as much as we individuals, and demonstrated change becomes cause for celebration. They are actively looking for volunteers as well as those inspired to launch new local chapters, so check them out, and get tucked into effort that truly pays off for all of us.

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