LightHawk: The Long, High View of Environmental Issues

798760_12739372Looking for collaborative ways to aid conservation efforts of our lands, flora, and fauna, LightHawk pairs volunteer pilots with conservationists needing that large perspective of a particular problem or region. From the windows of a small aircraft, you can get very particular insight into a wildlife region. Donated flights have aided conservation projects throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, and some regions of Canada. To be able to look down upon troubled coastlines, freshwater regions, flood zones, natural disaster sites, inaccessible tracts of wildlands, and more, can give researchers and aid workers a much better view than they can ever attain from on land.

If you are part of a conservation effort that would be helped by the aerial perspective, you can contact them to see if you can be paired with a pilot who will fly you over the zone. They also have long-term conservation programs with whom you can work and volunteer, who have already made use of Light Hawk’s great way to add to these environmental teams. More than 2,000 passenger hours are donated each year to further green causes.

Just another great example of people looking at a problem from multiple perspectives to see how best they can pitch in and have a tremendous impact. Here is a huge list of conservationists and organizations they have helped in the past three years. Super inspiring!

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