World Food Day–Get Active to End Hunger

625124_50186101October 16 is World Food Day and a great day for each of us to recommit to ending hunger in our lifetime. I say “recommit” because so many of us already give some brain space to this issue…from donating money or working a meal at the holidays to buying a sandwich for the homeless person down the street from the office,  being an activist about the issues of food scarcity, and advocating for those who don’t know when or how they will next eat. It’s not just the dinner table mom-speak about starving children so you’d better finish what’s on your plate…it may very well be, without your knowing, your neighbors.

Today, dive back in and get inspired, then get active. There are events all over the nation, registered via the US offices for the day (and international events, too)–find one near you here.

There are some great actionable things to try in your community, like packaging meals or activating your campus or workplace. Tools like posters and social media kits make it easy for you to blog and tweet and update status and pin and tumble and insta and hashtag about your efforts and get others inspired as well.

There are nearly 850 million hungry people in our world. One in eight of us suffers from chronic hunger. Without sufficient nutrition, we cannot support health, and disease gets an greater purchase on already weakened systems and communities. Food insecurity doesn’t necessarily look like you might expect–it’s not only kids in foreign lands with protruding bellies–it is also the middle class family that is barely one paycheck from homelessness and has to rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to keep their kids going. Not all of our world’s problems are solvable, but this one is. We can, as a global community, get people fed, as long as we prioritize it.

Even if you don’t normally say a prayer or grace when you sit down to eat a meal, give a little extra thought today as you tuck into dinner, and imagine what you can do tomorrow to help another do the same. There is room at the table for each of us.

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