Volunteer for National Comic Book Day

powToday, September 25, is National Comic Book Day. Last night was the premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC and it got better ratings than anyone dared hope…so it seems the adage is correct: The Geek shall inherit the Earth!

SO in addition to grabbing up your Archies or Fantastic Four comics and hunkering down with a Slurpee for a good read…find a project to enliven your world, and use the comic theme to get some unique volunteering going.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit that protects the First Amendment rights of the comics industry. Volunteers near the main headquarters in New York City work to promote free speech and put in time on the design team, convention volunteers, office project team, and more.

Comic Book Classroom, founded in Denver, CO, gets young people fired up about learning and literacy using the powerful tool of fun-reading comics. Volunteers work as teachers in after-school programs, comic artists and writers create original materials for programs, and others work administratively, assessing curriculum, beefing up the website, and more.

I’m a big ol’ giant fan of the 826 National programs of mentoring teens around the nation. There are 826 programs in several cities, and they are fronted by wacky businesses that get people wandering in to check out the shenanigans…the Bigfoot Research Institute (in Boston), Time Travel Mart (in Los Angeles), Robot Supply and Repair (in Michigan) to name a few…and in New York, 826NYC has the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. In addition to selling masks and capes and invisibility detection goggles (all proceeds go to the youth mentoring/writing programs), they teach kids how to love the written word. After school programs are amazing, and volunteer mentors have the time of their lives at every 826 program, connecting with kids and helping them find their voices.

Most ComicCon comics conventions (and similar by other names) in major cities everywhere, need volunteers to help their gigantic events run smoothly–check your local community, Metropolis, Gotham City, etc)

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