Grizzlies Need Vital Ground

Grizzly Bear Mama and Cub Photo: Vital Ground/Philip DeManczuk

Grizzly Bear Mama and Cub Photo: Vital Ground/Philip DeManczuk

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Southern California, the news broadcasts about wild animals in conflict with humans—from bears in swimming pools or mountain lions on trails to coyotes trotting down neighborhood streets–are so numerous they feel redundant. It’s not just a result of a slow news day, it definitely seems to be on the increase (and now, of course, everyone has a camera- and video-phone in their pocket, so they become citizen journalists). Even as the housing and construction industries were gutted over the past years, we still find ways to gobble up natural habitat all over the country, slicing and dicing the land for uses that are incompatible with wildlife. A summer of raging wildfires further compromises wildlife homes and complicates the issue…

As we wedge the untamed world into tinier bits and pieces, can we be surprised that animals don’t always cooperate with zoning laws? Vital Ground works with government agencies, landowners, and local communities to permanently secure and protect land for the conservation of Grizzly Bears and other free ranging wildlife. In spring and fall, the habitat needs of Grizzlies expands during breeding and pre-hibernation periods…but available land doesn’t expand to meet the need. So far, Vital Ground has secured for protected use 600,000 acres of crucial habitat in the northwest and southern British Columbia, but much more effort is needed. Support their work on behalf of brother bear–Grizzlies are an “umbrella species” that are both indicators of ecosystem health as well as catalysts in a delicate balance among the entire web of animal species in the regions where they (are supposed to be able to) roam. You can also explore the possibility of joining one of the company’s Wild Bear Adventure Eco Tours in Knight Inlet, Canada–to truly immerse yourself in the world of wild habitats, bear life, and advocacy.

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  1. “Y2Y is extremely proud of the coordinated, large-scale effort represented by the Cabinet-Purcell Wildlife Linkage Initiative,” says Rob Buffler, Executive Director. “We particularly value the work of Vital Ground to secure critical wildlife corridors that enable grizzly bears and other wild species to move between suitable habitats in response to a changing climate,” he adds.


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