Get a Shot, Give a Shot (and I ain’t talking Tequila)

818438_41920454Last year’s influenza strike was a whopper, and more and more people queue up for flu shots every year as the recommendations from the medical researchers expand to include more of us (it used to just be seniors and kids or those working with kids who they said ought to get immunized, now, most of us are urged to get the annual flu shot).

I know vaccinations can be a touchy subject for people as there was a flurry a few years ago of blaming them for other issues coming up for kids, and some also believe the medi-pharma big businesses are just trying to self-inflate…and I’m not interested in changing your mind if you hold one of those beliefs…but I do know that in developing nations without the relatively exceptional medical care we have available to us, vaccinations save lives, pure and simple.

There is anew partnership that was just launched between Walgreen’s and the United Nations Shot @ Life campaign, from today through October 14, when you get a flu shot or any other immunization at Walgreen’s, they will provide a vaccine against polio or measles to a child in a developing country. Currently, a child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine. The organization is supplied and prepared to provide up to three million vaccines through this program.

If you’re planning on getting the flu shot this year anyway, isn’t it a great option to have it do double duty, and potentially save a life through no required extra effort on your part? Find out more, then go and proudly sport that Band-Aid on your shoulder.

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