18 for 18: Jump for Somaly Mam

18for18 banner 2_0I love simple ideas that catch the imagination on fire. 18 for 18 started three years ago when Serinda Swan decided to raise $18,000 to end human trafficking, by jumping from an airplane at 18,000 feet. A buck a foot. It’s smart, catchy, easy to remember so others will discuss at school or the water cooler or dinner table. The funds went to Somaly Mam Foundation—one of my faves—to continue the fight to end modern day slavery. Now, three years down the road, and there are multiple events and celebrity supporters. August 10 is the event in New York, and August 17 in Santa Barbara, and there are also jumps in Australia and Canada. The jumpers will collectively raise $100,000 this year (probably much more), which will cover two years of rescue costs and support partners in Cambodia to free women and girls sold into the sex trade.

Girls in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos are sold for about $50 to brothels, where they can be forced to service up to 25-30  clients per day. The youngest sex slave freed by the Somaly Mam organization was only two years old. You can jump and support (100% of the proceeds go directly to SMF) and absolutely find out much more about the work of the Somaly Mam Foundation and the amazing woman for which it is named.



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