Mandela Day–Your Day of Doing (or at least 67 minutes)

mandela-dayI don’t know how you have time to read this between all the volunteering and contributing you are doing today in honor of Madiba’s birthday. Today is Mandela Day, the birthday of Nelson Mandela and a day to inspire everyone around the world to do something for others. It is a global movement for good, and after his recent health scares, we should celebrate a little extra because he is still with us, leading the charge of spirit and action–teaching us that we can, each of us, make a difference.

There are official and unofficial activities and events around the world. This year, the foundation asks each of us to give 67 minutes of our day in service to others–representing the 67 years that Nelson Mandela has been an activist and advocate for a better world. An hour and change…for change. You can make a Pledge for Mandela to broadcast your plan to help (and keep yourself accountable). Clean up your neighborhood…visit an animal rescue program or senior citizen’s home…offer mentoring, or a ride, or canned goods from your pantry, or toiletries, or a monetary donation…spread the word about an organization you love and support…talk to your family and friends about how to give extra of your time and energy, even if you can’t give extra dollars at this time…advocate for political and human rights causes that inspire you–or anger you–or sadden you…sign up for a charity ride or run or walk…give an unexpected gift to a complete stranger or buy coffee for the person behind you in line…create a neighborhood watch program or recycling system for your community…your hour and seven minutes can have an enormous impact today (and if you are booked solid all day–commit to yourself that you’ll create the time before the weekend ends). While you are busying yourself with making a positive ripple in the world–wish Mandela a Happy Birthday.

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