Causecast: Making Giving and Serving Even Easier

895440_25440966Large companies have entire departments devoted to Corporate Social Responsibility and they not only make sure the organization has some positive impact on community as representative of their shareholders, they also usually spearhead employee engagement programs–getting workers out volunteering and making a difference. Smaller companies are often spread so thin that this priority drops away in the face of oiling much squeakier wheels and desperately trying to keep up with the bottom line.

Causecast has come in to fill the gap for smaller companies (as well as global organizations) with their Community Impact Platform. It is a straightforward employee volunteer and donation system to help you get your team engaged while not pulling focus from your already overworked leaders. This tool can help you get all your company’s charitable ducks in a row so you can have the strongest impact on the causes you undertake. Corporate philanthropy, employee volunteer days, disaster relief response, competitive fundraising, community service partnerships…all of it is streamlined and empowered by the program. Whether you are a Mom n’ Pop operation, a start-up brand, or a multi-national corporation, being more efficient in your giving means your impact grows. If you are, or work for, someone who could use a little clarity for their cause and a leaner way toward having the best impact, check it out.

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