Millennials Can Change the World..and They Know It

1281812_66647542A recent global millennial survey: “Today’s Young Adults: The Leaders of Tommorrow” has been done by Telefonica. The study came up with some fascinating, and encouraging results in regards to 18-30-year-olds around the world. Surveying millennials from 27 countries on six continents in January and February of this year, the survey found that in addition to things we could have guessed—young people are early adopters and regular users of technology, for instance—this demographic also believes they can have a profound effect on the world at large, and are willing to work to make it a better place. Gone is the stereotype of the privileged slacker expecting the universe to owe them a good living and meet all their needs. Nope–the bad TV version has been replaced by the real world young adult, recognizing challenges in world equity, concerned about the environment, bothered by the global economy, and strongly believing in personal freedom and religious diversity. There is an inspiring number with a passion to participate in solving challenges facing their communities and the world.

This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a good, long time.

To discover particulars of the study and its results for yourself, visit the survey website.

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