Looking for Inspiration? Blue Planet Network’s Got You Covered

Chikhwaza Borehole, Malawi. Photo: Blue Planet Network

Chikhwaza Borehole, Malawi. Photo: Blue Planet Network

Using the world water crisis as it’s playing field, Blue Planet Network brings together auspicious and aspirational projects that help entire communities solve water problems. From hygiene and safe drinking water to filtering, wells, and natural percolation, there are projects around the world needing support to enhance, and actually save lives for villages and cities working against drought, disease, and pollution. You’ve heard about children foregoing education because they have to walk for hours each day, round trip, to gather water for their family…or huge swaths of populations being sickened or dying from cholera and other hygiene-linked diseases…or people simply ailing from dehydration with not enough water to sustain life…these are the global emergencies addressed by Blue Planet Network. They work to connect the public, funders, and program implementers to collaborate for real working solutions. (They study completed projects thoroughly to learn for the next go-round). So far, their network of 102 organizations working in 27 countries has transformed over a million lives in the work to provide clean water for all. Experts are a vital part of the network, and lay folks like the rest of us keep the engine moving–consider getting involved, helping fund raise, spreading the word, monitoring projects, and more. We cannot stop while people die from such a solvable problem.

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  1. Blue Planet Network is a group of passionate people, working with a global network of experienced water groups, to bring sustainable safe drinking water to people in rural communities around the world. Beyond health, accessing clean drinking water is the critical first step for communities to rise out of poverty, to gain education, and to ensure economic and political stability. To date, Blue Planet Network has enabled nearly 700,000 people with clean drinking water and improved sanitation. However, we CANNOT stop there. Our goal is to enable safe drinking water for 200,000,000 people in the next 20 years and we need your help.


  2. Posted by Javier T. Marshall on July 13, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    We launched Peer Water Exchange, our original online technology platform, in 2006 with five member organizations. This has grown into a vibrant community delivering real improvements to water and sanitation programs and projects around the world.


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