Honoring Fallen Fire Fighters and Supporting Families

The purple ribbon to honor fallen firefighters

The purple ribbon to honor fallen firefighters

Perhaps because of my recent work with the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation at this summer’s Champ Camp, and the opportunity to work alongside the most dedicated volunteers I’ve ever met–many of whom are firefighters, EMTs, medical professionals, and other heroes, the news of the firefighters killed in the line of duty in Arizona has hit me harder than expected. While not a member of this amazing community of life savers, they mean the world to me. Firefighters are a rare breed, with passion and dedication that surpasses most.

The 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots Crew that were lost on June 30 are the cream of the crop.

In direct response to the needs, both immediate and long-term, of the families left behind, a couple of organizations are worth your generous support (as are others not listed here, of course). An organization honoring the fallen crew has specifically focused on these two: The Heroes Memorial Foundation, “honoring all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom” (their survivor support programs work with those left behind by law enforcement family members as well as fire fighters and first responders); and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, dedicated to helping the families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and assisting injured and their families.

I know we all look for ways to reach out, to thank, and to support those that need it most. I hope you’ll take a piece of your day to learn more about these organizations, click on the links, and give if you can–dollars are nice, but so is amplification of the message–tell your network of family and friends about ways they can help as well.

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