Teen Travel Writers—Get Busy!

DCF 1.0Years ago I traveled to Japan with a woman who has always impressed me with her dedication to helping families find the ideal travel experiences–her Family Travel Forum is a fantastic resource for discovering and rekindling passion for new places among multiple generations. The Family Travel Forum is now offering a contest to get teens travel writing and blogging–don’t you (or someone you know) want to dive in?

The rules are pretty simple–you have to be 13-18 years old, attending grades 8-12 (as of this month), and applications/essays must be turned in by July 22. Include a photo, don’t overwrite (600 word maximum), and be sure to provide lots of practical details about your home community or the place you know best. The contest is co-sponsored by the Society of American Travel Writers, and winners get cash prizes and travel prizes…and readers!

Your voice is so potent and important–your experiences are aching to be shared, your opinions matter–get typing and spread the word about what, and where, matters most. We, your audience, thank you.

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