Conservation Vacations Opens New Horizons for Volunteers

Photo: Catalina Two Harbors,

Photo: Catalina Two Harbors,

As demand and interest in voluntourism and service travel increases, so do our opportunities. The general traveling public is turned on and inspired by doing something meaningful with their vacation time, and new avenues and ways of giving back are opening up all around us. Formerly reserved only for AmeriCorps volunteers or long-term commitment workers, conservation volunteer work in some pretty spectacular environs is now available to all of us…

Because of overwhelming success and interest, volunteers can now work with Conservation Vacations in amazing spots like Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. You’ll have access to areas the tourists never knew were there. These programs are 11 days long and cost $600, which includes camping accommodations (tents provided) and meals, plus expert guidance, orientation and exploration information and guided hikes, and access to recreational items as well–like snorkels, kayaks, etc. You work during the weekday hours, but have your evenings and weekend free to explore and socialize with your fellow volunteers. You might be doing light trail work, removing invasive species, re-vegetation, organic farming, etc. It will be outdoors in this country’s most amazing locations, and among dedicated others committed to leaving a natural place better than they found it. Have fun!

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  1. Posted by Irene Norman on November 23, 2014 at 5:56 PM

    Would like information on American Conservation (2wk) Volunteering Vacation to the Grand Canyon


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