Student Voice—How the Future Sounds

784496_95810350Empowering young people is at the core of so much that inspires me with volunteer work. I grew up with a family that gave me enough slack on my leash to grandly proclaim to the world that I was going to start THE RAINBOW KID POWER TEAM, or whatever my 8-year-old wisdom deemed the catchiest club name evahhhhhhhh. We were going to stamp out injustice everywhere, to make the world fair for one and all. I think there may have been capes involved–at least I like to remember it that way.

With a bit less temerity, this great organization, Student Voice, creates an international network of empowered students, and provides them tools they need to have their voices heard in policy discussions. Decisions about education and the future don’t often loop in the folks whose opinions ought to matter most–the students and young people living into the future we create. Predominantly through social media, youth and adults committed to education issues work on a world of representation and engagement in issues that can truly shape society’s next steps. There are online toolkits and blogs, organizations to discover, projects to join, and ways to be an active participant in tomorrow. Go to the website and explore, dive in no matter your age or enrollment in a school. It truly makes a difference to be involved with these issues and conversations that are going on around the world, with or without you. Isn’t it better to take part?

No cape required (but if you DO want to wear a cap, I highly recommend red).

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