What Will You Bring to the Table?

logo web whiteMore than 1 in 5 kids in America don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Hunger and food insecurity is a huge issue worldwide, but many of us don’t know how rampant it is here at home. Act before April 30, with the What Will You Bring to the Table website, and you can help bring one million meals to hungry kids…and bring along your own ideas and solutions as well. This site is a destination for kids and teens, to get them involved and activated around hunger issues. Every action you take and record, from planting a community garden, hosting a can drive or other food event, blogging and spreading awareness through social media…each action is met with a free meal being provided for a young person in need. There are more hungry kids in the U.S. than the entire populations of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago combined–nearly 17 million!

The website has great toolkits for raising the visibility of your project–kits for teens, kids, schools, families, and organizations. Volunteer, get involved–this provides a tangible result for your action–you will literally be responsible for feeding a hungry young person. That’s pretty amazing when you can empower elementary school kids with that kind of impact that is so accessible to them…or middle school, high school, spiritual youth group, entire class, etc. Steer yourself and the young people you know to the site, and get into action against hunger.

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