Celebrating International Women’s Day with CHIME for CHANGE

chime_for_changeToday, March 8, is International Women’s Day, with events running worldwide to help move us toward our corrected-course future of absolute equality. This day of recognition and action has been celebrated for over a century. It is, of course, embarrassing to all of us in this global family that equality is not simply a matter of course. It is beneath us that in some cultures, half the population is held back. It will be looked back on as abhorrent that women in every community are not constantly supported and celebrated, allowed to give and receive, allowed to learn and contribute. We have done ourselves wrong and impeded our own progress through history, and change is, thankfully, coming.

I’m pretty fond of a new organization that recently launched, Chime for Change, headlined by superstars like Beyonce and Salma Hayek, and sponsored by Gucci, to increase awareness among millions and create a global movement toward women’s equal access to health, education, and justice.

Do yourself proud, and your mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, aunt, grandmother, mother-in-law, cousin, neighbor, teacher, friend, doctor, lawyer, president, architect, astronaut, artist, construction worker, volunteer, engineer, firefighter, police officer, soldier, gardener, ship captain, fill in the blank…your actions and efforts to secure equality make you a better person.

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