Making Change Grow: The Pollination Project

1415174_51896649Are you one of those incredible changemakers who has grabbed the bull of a particular issue by the horns and wrestled it into submission (or are engaging in the wrestling)? If you have a project or charity or organization or brilliant idea for making a difference in the world, how many others just like you, just as inspired, have been stopped because of money woes? Financial obstacles are some of the most potent blocks needing to be busted through to have the affect on the world we all want to have. Lack of bucks, too often, translates into lack of forward motion. It paralyzes us.

For those earth-shaking, problem solving, paradigm-shifting projects waiting to come to fruition, explore The Pollination Project. This group awards $1,000 seed grants to ordinary folks committed to making extraordinary changes in the world. Every person has the potential and power to transform our world–this belief propels the Pollination Project ahead every day as they grant funds.They evaluate grant applications EVERY WEEK and make decisions much more rapidly than so many granting organizations. EVERY DAY, 365 days a year, another worthwhile project is funded.

How can your impact be amplified if you got a windfall of $1,000 to spend on your project? Dream it, apply, and go out and rock the world the way you deserve…and the way the world deserves to receive your gifts. Don’t be stingy with your passion–we need you!

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