Take a Stand: LA Waterkeeper

1402965_15484802I’m not rubbing it in, but I have to say I’m loving living back in California…the weather shift from Connecticut and New York is never more dreamy than February and March. The ocean is gorgeous, whales are migrating, sunshine is bouncing off the water’s topography…the Pacific is just flat-out brilliant.

Sadly, like most bodies of water worldwide, the damage mankind is doing to this, and every, ocean, is reprehensible. Here in SoCal, there are several fantastic agencies trying to combat the issues of pollution and waterway degradation. Los Angeles Waterkeepers is devoted to protecting and restoring Santa Monica Bay, San Pedro Bay, and adjacent waterways. Through a trio of pursuit streams: Litigation and Advocacy, Marine, and Water Quality, teams of professionals and great volunteers keep busy protecting the aquasphere for the rest of us. To find out more about volunteering (activities like trash monitoring, water quality monitoring, creek restoration, marine protected area watch, kelp restoration diver, beach cleanups, and other volunteer events), check out the website link, and while you are there, sign up for action alerts so you can be part of the solution, not the problem. The website also has a pollution report page in case you see something that needs to be rectified (land pollution ends up in the waterways eventually as well) and a great Swim Guide with current swimming conditions at the area’s beaches.

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