Winter Got You Down? Think of Sunseed

SunflowersSunseed is an international community dedicated to permaculture and environmental education. The organization is UK-based and the project is in Southern Spain, working off-grid and committed to discovering new ways of living sustainably. Volunteers gather from around the world in this picturesque valley to explore new technology and science to make the world a better place. Departments pursue specific goals like technology, drylands management, eco-construction, communication and education, organic growing, and sustainable living solutions.

Short-term and long-term volunteers live, breathe, and bond over the environmental stewardship of the world, how to take personal and community responsibility, and growing solutions to scale to affect civilizations around the globe. It’s hard work but fulfilling as you work on a modern farm and living laboratory, and while it may not be glamorous, it is exciting to be part of the solution to our environmental ills, not the problem…and knowing you may be part of the next huge eco-discovery make the seat and toil more than worth it…not to mention the laughter and celebration of living and breathing community work. They’ve been going for more than three decades–maybe it’s time you join the revolution. Find out more about volunteer opportunities here.

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  1. Posted by Dario Colombera on September 3, 2013 at 1:48 AM

    I would be pleased to join your community. I add my competences:

    I believe, that our most preeminent question of nowadays is to understand and to overcome our existential, ecological and cultural mistakes.
    General zoology allows us to discover, that the present moral, existential, economic and environmental crises are the last of the Westerner civilization, if we do not face and solve the essential question of today: “How to pilot humanity toward a new, sustainable culture?”.
    Fortunately and unexpectedly, modern zoology offers us all the fundamental knowledge we need, included the proper strategies to recover both adaptive evolution and a laic inner discipline, with which to face and overcome both our ecological troubles and our unknown but objectively mental insanity.
    Thus I am looking for an Institution, where to teach and divulge this science of survival offering:
    1. An interactive, theoretic-practical course on “The biological evaluation of human cultures”.
    2. A new inner search (the Multiple Middle Way), which can be deduced from zoological observations. This original teaching is unique and outstanding because:
    I. It is easy to understand and to practice for everybody.
    II. It allows us to maintain our usual style of life and faith.
    III. It improves whatever behaviour and skillfulness at once.
    IV. It offers a progressive freedom from subconscious conditioning. In a matter of weeks, you regain physical and mental health and acquire a strategic mentality.
    V. It makes possible to find out the severe solutions, that adaptive evolution demand.
    3. A personalized psycho-physical hygiene, aiming to achieve a better gratifying “mundane” life (health, diet, jobs, sports, arts and hobbies), totally based on zoological considerations. It includes:
    I. Understanding Wei Qi (Go) as an inner discipline and as the best fitted existential and evolutionary strategy of survival.
    II. The proper approach to the asanas of Hatha yoga. The fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga. Five disciplines of Tantra Yoga and a sound Karmic attitude.
    III. The evolutionary, ecological and existential values of some religions (The four Gospels; Bhagavad Gita, Hatha and Tantra literature; Dammapadha, Tao Te Ching).
    4. The revision of languages, economics, politics and existential habits from a zoological point of view.

    The above mentioned teachings, are based on my own studies as zoologist and searcher for truth.
    Within three months, an average student can successfully master, practice and divulge these knowledge.

    I speak Italian, English, German and Spanish.

    Your truly,
    Prof. Dario Colombera
    via Trespole 68, 35037 Teolo (Padua), Italy
    t. 049 9925217; 3334450366. email:


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