A Global Grandmother Movement

grandmother_power_300dpiHow great is this? Author Paola Gianturco is an author and photographer who has gathered images and stories of 120 activist grandmothers from 15 countries on five continents. These inspiring women are fighting against poverty, disease, illiteracy, and human rights abuses, working to better the world for children everywhere. Grandmother Power, A Global Phenomenon covers the valiant work of grandmother groups, united behind issues specific to their communities, from Argentinean education and justice issues to United Arab Emirates cultural preservation, addressing the world’s HIV/AIDS, poverty, energy, spiritual life, and environmental crises along the way. The photos are outstanding and so evocative of daily life, with laughter, love, and care emanating from the colorful frames. International women’s issues are international EVERYONE’S issues, and this books nicely showcases strength at the helm of communities…and provides a little kick in the pants for the rest of us to get active and engaged with the issues that matter to us most. The website even has a Show Your Power page so you can step up, too.

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