StartSomeGood: Crowdfunding Change

margaretmeadBy now, you’ve probably been hit up by more and more fundraising creative ideas than you’d ever imagined possible. It isn’t just for non-profits, charities, churches, school groups, and community action committees–now anyone can start a fundraiser to make a difference in the world. Movies and records get made this way. Materials for construction projects get acquired. Websites are constructed, educational materials distributed, healthcare items sourced, information campaigns launched…crowd-sourcing and crowdfunding is the new way to extend your reach and solve problems today.

StartSomeGood uses a crowdfunding model (where people chip in and donate to your cause) to connect social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and non-profits, with people who truly want to help. People from around the world are turning great ideas into real answers to the planet’s problems. It is a platform to do charitable alchemy, turning a plan of action into measurable results, innovation into impact. This peerfunding tool helps you gather your tribe around your cause, locally and around the world. You can visit the website to find new causes and actions you’d like to support, or StartSomeGood of your own. Your imaginative innovation is the only boundary. There are terrific sites (the competition to StartSomeGood) who do some of the same things, but important differences all around–here you needn’t be an official 501(c)(3) so anyone can contribute to the betterment of our society, and there’s no all-or-nothing sticking point, so even if you can’t mobilize as many people to support your work as you’d hoped, you can still do good.

What’s your grand idea? How will you StartSomeGood?

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