Whatcha Doin’ Tomorrow? National Day of Service

mlk2005_nolineTomorrow, Saturday, January 19, is our National Day of Service. every year it coincides with Martin Luther King Weekend, when people have an extra day off, so they can perhaps put a little focus outside themselves. There are events in every state, and probably most cities, so it should be easy to find a volunteer possibility somewhere near you. Whether you serve at a soup kitchen, clean up a park, help organize an upcoming fundraiser, rehabilitate a playground, plant a tree, walk shelter dogs, shovel out the stalls at a therapeutic horse facility, work a phone tree, run a race for charity, or whatever kind of volunteering most floats your boat–tomorrow you will be in good company. It’s a nationwide thing. Thousands of events will host hordes of volunteers (but we still need you!)

If you need some inspiration, or direct information about organizations in need of good volunteers like yourself, search here:


United We Serve

National Day of Service

MLK Day of Service

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