Uganda: Camp Girl Power!

About a hundred pre-teen and teenage girls in Katikamu, Uganda just embarked on an auspiciously awesome week: Camp Girl Power. The camp brings together promising yet vulnerable young women form some of the most economically struggling parts of the nation. In addition to traditional education, so sorely needed by so many, campers also get some truly important life skills. Almost 87% of rape victims in Uganda are between the ages of 9-17. Additionally, AIDS spreads like wildfire among uneducated girls–nearly twice the infection rate than that of girls who have gone to school. The girls in this program, created by the Just Like My Child Foundation are learning how to ward off sexual predators and unwanted pregnancy and disease. In addition to training these leaders for tomorrow, the range of effect from the program is likely to touch 10,000 women and girls, as camp graduates become mentors for their sisters and friends when they return to their villages.

That’s how we ALL roll in 2013! Get involved. Support.

(video from 2012 program)

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