Camp Good Grief–Coping in Good Company

Camp Good Grief is a three-day camp opportunity that occurs once each season (fall, winter, and spring, with summer being a reunion camp) for kids ages 5-15 who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. It’s idyllic location in Florida makes for year-round opportunities for campers and volunteers who serve as counselors, activities leaders in arts & crafts/drama/music/swimming/sports, and more. It is such a freeing experience for kids to know others who are dealing with grief, to find commonality among peers while simultaneously finding ways to have fun. They learn how to grow more comfortable talking openly about their family members and their loss, and even celebrate together in a memorial service for who they have lost. A dozen air-conditioned cabins in the woods are home for this transformative experience, going since 1995. It is a place of catharsis and fun with respect and guided growth–and it would be a terrific volunteer stint you’re not likely to forget.

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