Microsoft YouthSpark

I am such a huge fan of Corporate Social Responsibility and all of its many flavors across the business world. When large organizations find ways to be responsible not only to shareholders, but also to their employee teams, communities where they are based, and inspiring global projects, it fires me up and gives me lots of hope. A computer manufacturer spearheading recycling, or a publisher building schools, or an energy giant leading the charge in potable water issues–these go a long way in my mind to balancing some of what is so unbalanced in our world. (The energy each of us individually puts out toward bettering the world moves the needle just as dramatically, by the way)

Microsoft has a great program for young people, called YouthSpark. The initiative’s goal is to provide opportunities, in education, employment, and entrepreneurship, for hundreds of millions of young people around the world. They partner with governments, non-profits, and businesses to make forward momentum for young people more attainable. Students get access to computer software and development tools at no cost, fundraising projects are dreamed and communicated so financial goals get met, technology competitions, mentoring, empowerment in truly tangible ways is happening because of this work.

Does your workplace commit to bettering the world (beyond the widgets you sell or services you provide for profit)? Can you see a way they/you can? Put that into action. Suggest it to the boss. It is only by playing larger than we usually do that we create seismic shifts, and, like a spark, catch fire and spread. So, get large!

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