Volunteer With Space Shuttle Endeavour

Endeavor Tribute poster via: NASA

So pretty much every single Los Angeleno got a private audience with the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it flew around and around everywhere but where I could see it. I was outside with my binoculars and cameras, waiting and waiting…now I know how Linus feels each Halloween waiting in that pumpkin patch…each time I’d hear a vaguely engine-like sound my heart would speed up. “Jet engines! Jet engines!” but, naaahhhhh, it’s a Frito-Lay truck downshifting on the hill, headed to Ralph’s. “Jet engines! Jet engines!” Naaahhhhh, Perry’s Pool Service checking the filter across the street. “Jet engines! Jet engines!” Naaahhhhh, next-door neighbor with a weed wacker.

But I’m not bitter…much.

I can just volunteer at the California Science Center where the Endeavour will be displayed from now on. Volunteers join the Guest Services Air and Space Team (I hope there’s a t-shirt involved–loving that name) and help guests get the most out of their experience visiting and exploring all the exhibits. Elsewhere in the museum, volunteers are needed to work with (and in, if you’re a certified diver) the “kelp tank” aquatic exhibits, as well as discovery room volunteers, ecosystem hosts, Science LIVE! educators, ExploraStore and concession workers, foundation assistants, animal husbandry assistants, touch tank volunteers, and more. Want to sign up while we wait for that slow progression of the shuttle through Los Angeles streets? Find out more here.

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