Saturday = Worldwide Playing for Change Day

Time to tune up folks, from violins to washboards, because Saturday is Worldwide Playing for Change Day. This is the second annual event of its kind, and it takes months of preparation by teams around the world who are dedicated to connecting cultures by way of music. You can join the chorus tomorrow in person at 300 events across the globe, or online via streaming performances, and support global music education for children.

Here is an interactive location listing so you can find music events that are part of the celebration in your neck of the woods, and all donations raised go toward children’s music education–the arts being crippled by financial cutbacks not juts throughout the United States’ limping and neglected education system, but in countries everywhere. A side effect of becoming a more global society is the homogenization of culture, so some of the best indigenous art forms are being pushed back by major manufacturing and high tech ubiquity. It is fantastic to be connected as a global family, but in a way that celebrates our diversity and specialness, not in a way that seeks to burnish off the rough edges. PFC Day celebrates what is unique and honors and shares the bond of the arts.

Tune in–the music is always incredible (and explore the Playing for Change website as well, for amazing international performances from the past).

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