Volunteer Forever: Find, Then Fund, Your Service Trip

The Internet is often compared to the Wild, Wild West, and not without reason. It is a lawless and sometimes uncontrolled space where anyone can publish anything, and our skill at discerning the valuable from the Wiki-garbage is always challenging. When it comes to travel planning, a grain of salt and a note of caution are important, but how else will we know what adventures are out there that we haven’t yet dreamed?

Volunteer Forever has positioned itself as a resource for voluntourists eager to make a difference in the world, but perhaps overwhelmed by the options, and not knowing quite how or where to begin. On the website, you can research volunteer vacation providers, read reviews written by volunteers who have already gone before you, and set up a fundraising page so your family and friends can support you in your commitment. You can receive donations securely via their page (though there is a fee–a percentage of the donation) and post your own reviews after you get home. Use this tool as a research resource to find out about new trips that might fuel your fantasies of service, cross-reference a trip or provider you are already considering, and leave word for others about volunteer vacations you have already done. We can use as many information allies as we can get out there in the Wild Wild West.

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