Diveheart: Making Possibilities for Disabilities

Photo: Diveheart.org

Have you gone snorkeling or scuba diving? That weightless glide through water as the world moves around and past you, the meditative quality of measured breath that only really works when you are relaxed and in the zone…they are spectacular parts of a singular experience for most of us. Reserved for exotic vacations and time when we are definitely in rarefied circumstances, the Zen-ness of being in and of the water makes a lot of potent memories.

The Diveheart Foundation is committed to making the scuba experience accessible to children and adults with disabilities. The therapeutic value and confidence of weightlessness and exploration are everything for someone who has a physical situation or condition that limits access or action on dry land. It is like giving someone wings. Buoyant can mean pain-free, while also describing the spirits of the divers and volunteers who steward the amazing experience. It is no small feat getting wheelchairs and other access items, along with full scuba gear, onto a boat and then getting new divers into the brine…it takes a team of brilliantly dedicated volunteers.

Is this the kind of difference you can make? Check out the volunteer page and dive in. I can only imagine the stories you’ll have to tell.

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