Muskoka Foundation: Building Networks, Not Charities

The ethos of this group is fascinating to me. The Muskoka Foundation is a group of seasoned overland travelers who are using their propensity for truly immersing themselves in communities around the world to make a positive impact while they go. It is a network of modern-day explorers who, in their travels, met with village leaders and project developers in small communities (currently a focus is on Cambodia, Malawi, Mexico, and Rwanda) to listen to community needs and ideas, and find ways to fit their strengths into the picture. Most of the foundation travelers are experienced mentors, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors, and consultants, and the lovely thing is they travel via their own means (their trucks–a zero-cost-to-the-foundation transportation infrastructure), using their own expertise and passion to make a difference. Muskoka supplies the chosen travelers with tools, training, and partnerships with already vetted communities, and a structure for inspiring projects for children and adults in areas such as business, market access, sport training, photography, music, statistics, and more.

If you’ve got the time and chutzpah to self-guide your volunteer service travel, sign up to volunteer–Muskoka is actively seeking more intrepid travelers who know their presence can add in a sensitive, sensible, and effective way to communities they visit.

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  1. […] A little over a year ago I learned about The Muskoka Foundation and grew smitten with their mission, inspiring and equipping adventure travelers to “use what they know, to do good as they go” to create sustainable impact for the world, by using their own professional skills. In communities of need, when requested by the community and partners (a big deal for me, not “gifting” answers or charity upon communities based on our outsider “expertise,” but instead, responding to need and desire from within), the foundation provides workshops for children and adults, in entrepreneurship, IT, photography, arts, sports, music, and more. […]


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