Be a Chef Volunteer for Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

Today would have been the centenary birthday of Julia Child, so be sure to cook up something great for dinner, and pop a cork on a good bottle (if you are the cork-popping type). To truly celebrate and honor the queen of the kitchen, consider becoming a kitchen volunteer with nationwide hunger-fighting organization, Share Our Strength. Their “Cooking Matters” No Kid Hungry program has been helping hungry families learn about and prepare healthy and nutritious food since 1993. A limited budget needn’t mean crummy food choices for families, and chef volunteers (as well as other program support volunteers) lead hands-on cooking courses for low-income children, teens, adults, and caregivers, as well as supermarket shopping tours, nutritional counseling, educational outreach, and deciphering ingredient labels. It seems, at first glance, that junk food is more affordable than a healthy diet, which explains a great deal of the perniciousness of poor health, diet, diabetes, and other nutritional issues in economically challenged communities…BUT…Cooking Matters teaches participants that the concept is false, and eating well, in a way that supports health and livelihood, can be easy and inexpensive.

So raise a rolling pin to Julia Child today, and find out more about how to help keep kids healthy (and keep them from being hungry).

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  1. Cooking Matters offers five signature courses that take a cooking-centered approach to nutrition and household budgeting. Nutrition courses are taught by chefs and nutritionists who volunteer their talents to teach families how to make healthy food choices on a limited budget. Courses are offered for adults, teens, children, parents and children together, and those living with diabetes and include six, two-hour, sessions. Each class includes hands-on meal preparation led by a chef who teaches participants that cooking healthy foods can be simple, enjoyable, and delicious.


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