Ashoka Changemakers: She Will Innovate

This is just under the wire–there is one day left–deadline is August 15–to nominate yourself or someone else as a changemaker dedicated to young women. She Will Innovate is an Ashoka Changemakers-based program to highlight “Technology Solutions Enriching the Lives of Girls.”

Women are being left behind, and that gap narrows in some cultures while it widens evermore in others. When you invest in girls, you invest in entire communities (there are reams of studies on how energy and investment in women affects families and communities significantly more than the same investment in men).

This technology and ideas competition seeks to use information and communication technology to open new frontiers of possibility for girls–and everyone can contribute to the process. Even if you are not the innovator with the big idea this year, keep your eyes on this contest–this is the future, and we all win because of initiatives like this.

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