Creative Fundraising–Kids of Kathmandu

I love how creative this organization is in its efforts to raise money for its many initiatives supporting orphans in Nepal. Kids of Kathmandu uses the tools of art and photography to raise awareness and interest in children in the region, and does lots of art sale fundraising as well. They have a multi-pronged attack on the issues faced by the children, addressing doctor visits, energy, gas, food, education, boarding school fees, and child sponsorship, and those donating/supporting come out ahead not only in karma points, but with amazing images and artworks. Everything from lamps to tables and pieces for the wall are sold by artisans to fund their lofty mission.

We all have commitments and care for organizations we have served or supported through the years. Who is breaking the mold in their fundraising and setting the bar higher than the rest? Leave comments and I’ll highlight some of these superstars.

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