The Evil That We Do–Sacred White Buffalo Killed and Skinned


Lightning Medicine Cloud didn’t even make it to his first birthday before he was taken out. The incredibly rare white buffalo, born last May, was seen as a symbol and one of the most sacred beings to the Lakota people. It is believed a non-albino white male buffalo birth might happen once in ten million births–it is one of the most renowned messages from Creator in recent history…and the calf was found killed and skinned, it’s mother also slaughtered. Lightning’s father, an 8-year-old male, was struck by lightning and killed last month. (more details here)

It is tragic to me, and shows the grain of evil too many have running though them, when cowardice and ignorance make people try to destroy the spirituality of others. You have to be so damaged to kill a living sacred symbol…or burn the Q’uran or Bible…or decimate graves (like today’s story of a sacred Sufi site in Mali being burned by Tuareg extremists who had been fighting in Libya)…or somehow seek to raise yourself by having to weaken others.

Isn’t that the true marker of weakness, when you are so threatened by another’s strength that you seek to end it? Pathetic.

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  1. Posted by Jim on May 7, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    I was at LMC naming ceremony. Now the joy and reverence has been replaces by sadness and anger.

    Hope that the Texas Rangers find the person and bring them to justice.


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