IOU Respect

In Chicago this summer, young people ages 18-23 will be gathering from many nations to explore cultures and belief systems with the Hostelling International program, IOU Respect. Youth hostels are the way stations around the world for young intrepid travelers (and older travelers as well), and this international gathering will bring young representatives from Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Germany, France, and the United States for 12 days of understanding. They will engage in workshops exploring identity, discrimination and stereotypes, privilege, international conflict, communication, and religion. Focused on the ways cultures are alike, as opposed to different, can crack open new solutions to global unity. It’s not all academic, as they will also go on sightseeing tours, residence visits, and a retreat outside the city, as well as a “Culture Night” where they introduce and share their home food, music, language, and artifacts. It’s the perfect international relations summer camp for young adults! More cross-cultural solutions are the answer to this time of fractured societies, and this creative endeavor gets a thumbs up from me (and envy–wish I could go!)

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  1. Posted by Anonymous on April 20, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    There’s still time to apply! Go to for more info. and application materials.


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