Carbon Neutral Antarctica

I have longed, for ages, to visit Antarctica—I have this somewhat random need/desire to step foot on every continent, and so far, that one has eluded me. Every time I see a press release or posting or anything about Antarctic voyages, my mushy brain’s eyes and ears perk up. I was glad to see this new development: Quark Expeditions is offering the industry’s first carbon neutral Polar expedition to Antarctica this year on their new ship, theOcean Diamond. It’ll green up your bucket list trip with no additional cost to guests, by reinvesting the carbon dioxide equivalents of the voyage into hydro, wind power, and reforestation projects in Turkey, Kenya, India, and China.

Hans Lagerweij, the president of Quark, points up some fun equivalencies: “By offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from our Antarctic Ocean Diamond voyages with these projects around the world, Quark is effectively neutralizing more CO2e than an entire space shuttle flight. It’s the same as removing 1,114 cars from the road for one year, or cancelling 5,380 flights from New York to Tokyo…”

The inaugural voyage is in November, and there are 10, 11, and 20-day itineraries…I need to hurry to win that damn Lotto.

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