Reward Volunteers app

This is a fun tool for your phone/tablet: Reward Volunteers is an app that makes your volunteering easier and benefits the organizations with which you volunteer, as well. The free download tracks time you give to strengthening your community, and you can earn rewards as you go. It was created by Cabot Creamery Co-Op, a 1,200 farm-family dairy cooperative, and is setting the bar at a nicely high level for future innovation that is inclusive of volunteering. You log your time working with the community service project of your choice, and spread the word via social media, hopefully get a few friends interested and impassioned, and you get “Reach” points toward everything from cheese (it is a dairy-sponsored thing, remember) to cash and vacations. The organization you support is eligible for rewards as well as the recognition you and your fellow volunteers bring. If you are volunteering, you deserve to brag about it, and a little fromage never hurts, either.

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