Museum Volunteering–Getty Center and Beyond

We have company this weekend and just got back from visiting the Getty Center, easily one of my favorite museums in the world (and I’d never been inside. We moved from LA just 2 years after it opened in 1997, and I had been to the grounds and gardens and even did a performance in the arena theatre space, but never actually saw collections until today). The stone and angles and plantings and light playing off the architecture is very much an event.

Of course, while we were there enjoying the Manets and Monets, there were lots of volunteer docents leading tours and answering questions. I always thought being a museum docent would be pretty cool, to watch as each day people discover things to newly adore and remember. Passions are born right in front of you, and sometimes because of the tidbits of knowledge you get to share. Think about being a volunteer in a cultural institution. A theatre needs volunteer ushers, and you see the show for free, museums need docents and tour leaders and you are steeped in art. What a great opportunity. Check the website of your favorite arts spots to see what volunteer opportunities you can enjoy. In addition to the institutions near and dear to your heart and home, find out more information and opportunities at the website for the American Association for Museum Volunteers. What a great way to spend a weekend afternoon.

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