Solving Two Issues at Once: FarmVetCo

I love symbiosis. In nature, in life, in friendships, and in this project.

Two issues blended together in a mutually beneficial way is what FarmVetCo (Farmer Veteran Coalition) is all about. The organization connects veterans to agricultural training programs and resources for beginning farmer operations, as well as small grants to move a farm business forward or launch a new one. It is a terrific way to enlist the help of veterans in stimulating a green economy while increasing our healthy food supply and stimulating rural communities while they’re at it. The farm industry (aging and in critical need of young farmers—the average age for US farmers is 57 years old) is no stranger to hard times, and the veteran community (returning from war to high unemployment rates and difficulty finding viable career opportunities, regardless of what the Army recruiting commercials tell us) knows hardship all too well, so the partnership of strengths makes a lot of sense. FarmVetCo raises awareness; provides career development; helps find living wage jobs in the farming industry; holds two-day education retreats; mentors new farm professionals; provides a fellowship fund for purchase of seeds, fertilizer, irrigation equipment, fame machinery, and breeding stock of animals; trains and supports farm groups; helps farmer veterans with war-related injuries; and advocates on behalf of these blended communities. Find out more about these great programs, and consider supporting FarmVetCo.

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