Wolf Camp for Kids

Zephyr Pup by Spencer Wilhelm/Wolf Conservation Center

Oh COME ON now! How did I grow up at the wrong time and miss THIS?! The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York (a brilliant place to visit by the way. Say “Hi” to Atka, an ambassador wolf I met when he was a pup, when you go) is offering Wolf Camp for kids in grades 2-5, for sessions in April, May, June, July, and August. I wonder if they’ll notice if I stow away and impersonate a second grader as they learn “Wolf 101”, walk with a wolf, play hide & seek with tracking and telemetry, create plaster paw prints from tracks in the field, and do other wolfy arts and crafts. It’s a four-day program, and graduates get a special “Junior Wolf Biologist” certificate. If I can sneak in, Junior Wolf Biologist is SOOOO going on my resumé! Registration is now open.

WCC Camp

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