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Ginny, one of the beautiful dogs available for adoption from

I know there are lots of families that think the cutest gift to put under a tree would be a roly poly puppy with a bow around its neck. The adorable factor cannot be denied, but what happens too often is that thoughts of the future and a canine lifetime of responsibility and commitment go out the frosty window when they get caught up in the season. Shelters report that dogs get brought in to the pound and shelters in record numbers a few weeks to a few months after the holidays (and dogs being abandoned peak at the same time) because people discover they made a rash decision and bit of more than they could chew.

Number One–please don’t even consider buying a puppy from a store. Adopt Adopt Adopt, (you can find adoption organizations for just about every breed) and if not, only go through a reputable breeder. Too many pet stores tend to be full of dogs from truly rough puppy mills with conditions bordering on criminal. Adopt Adopt Adopt. Did I mention adoption?

Number Two–never make this decision lightly. This is adding a family member, and deserves the same open-eyed forward thinking as adding any new members to your family. Ten years, twelve, fifteen, more–do you have that to give? (and the attending food, toys, medical care and vet bills, boarding for when you go away, training, immunizations, spay/neuter fees, license fees in your city, flea and tick prevention, crates and beds, and so many more things that come up as surprises). This is a forever choice–dogs are NOT returnable, and they are NOT inexpensive.

Muttville is a fantastic organization that places discarded and hard-to-adopt older dogs in loving forever homes (from those cases of people who are not as wise and caring as YOU). Older dogs are euthanized every day because people come in looking exclusively for young pups. Older dogs ROCK by the way! Muttville creates better lives for older dogs through rescue, adoption, foster care, and hospice. Not every dog is a discard–some get removed from their homes because their owners pass away or are hospitalized or they move (and again, with re-locations, didn’t have the forever commitment). Muttville is changing the way the world thinks about mature dogs, and if you’ve ever spent quality time with an older dog–you know how lucky you are. Won’t you consider supporting Muttville with a generous (tax deductible) donation here or consider adopting? Want to volunteer? Get in there! You’ll never be the same after spending time with these noble mutts!

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  1. Thanks for writing this awesome blog article! Posted to Muttville’s Facebook page!

    Muttville Marketing Team Leader


  2. Hello Changebydoing,
    Neat Post, Your lovable energetic canine best friend has been a faithful companion for nearly a decade but now stops short of the staircase or needs a push to get up when it is time to take a walk. It wasn’t an overnight change but gradually he’s step was slower and his passion for play and excitement waned. Could a dog have arthritis? In a word, yes.
    Kindest Regards


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