CITTA–The Mind’s Heart Working to Better the Heart’s World


CITTA is a Sanskrit word meaning “the mind,” but it refers very specifically to a part, or type of mind, as it relates to the heart and soul. CITTA is also the name of a non-profit organization dedicated to “making a difference against indifference.” Starvation, treatable disease, lack of education, poverty, climate issues affecting livelihood and survival–these are all within the purview of CITTA. They currently have active projects in regions of India, Nepal, and Mexico. They run schools, orphanages, women’s centers, clinics, and hospitals in communities that previously had done without. CITTA’s overriding philosophy is that once medical care is handled, people can think about tomorrow and the future for themselves and their children…so CITTA handles health. Their holistic, adaptable model is called “HEED” (standing for Health, Education, and Economic Development). Each community project’s focus is specific to that community’s needs, but in each, volunteers, workers, and locals have the powerful experience of discovering what is possible when you crack open the hard shell of resignation and let opportunity flow through. It is worth being a part of this–if you knew, you’d want a piece of that feeling. You can Sponsor a Student for a year of education (that they, honestly, won’t have without you or someone like you) or donate to the organization as a whole so they can direct your funds toward the greatest need.

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