New Voluntours: Elephants in Thailand & Dolphins in Egypt

Photo: EarthWatch

There are exciting new volunteer vacations popping up these days. One of the leaders of the industry, Earthwatch, has announced two new research-based voluntour opportunities.

In Northern Thailand, near Chiang Rai, be part of groundbreaking cognitive research of Asian elephants to help professionals understand how they communicate, recognize family members and places, and how they interact with other species (including humans). The research team is studying elephant intelligence and behavior, and you’ll be working up close and personally with these astounding pachyderms. You’ll live in a guesthouse for the 10-day assignment, within easy walking distance from the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, where this landmark research is being done.

Photo: EarthWatch

While the tensions have once again erupted in Cairo’s squares, the Egyptian Red Sea is still a calm environment, where 15 species of dolphin cavort in nearly pristine waters. Marine pollution, however, is creeping in, so scientists need to get a clear picture of the cetacean populations and how they interact with their habitat so they can put protection measures into place before irreparable damage is done. This is where you come in as you help researchers with boat-based visual and acoustic observation work to gather data, as well as surveying sea turtles, jellyfish, and seabirds while living on a safari boat. It is a 10-day trip in amazing surroundings.

Let’s Go!

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