Creative Fundraising: Billboard Ecology

Photo: Billboard Ecology

Are you a decision maker in your kid’s school or club trying to come up with new fundraising ideas? Tired of the bake sales, pancake breakfasts, magazine and candy bar drives? I even remember in elementary school we had a light bulb sale. I love the fundraising concept the folks have come up with at Billboard Ecology. Tote bags and messenger bags made of recycled advertising billboard materials. Those huge weatherproof posters along the side of the road aren’t paper, they are made of “Eco-Flexx,” a 100% recyclable polyethylene substrate. When they are retired, they usually go into the landfill, but it is a super-durable and non-toxic material, so this company rescues it and re-purposes it, cutting it into graphically interesting bags that they then provide to schools and youth organizations for fundraising plans (and who wouldn’t be more jazzed to buy a cool messenger bag than a super-size candy bar to help fund band uniforms or a scout troop?)

Check them out, and the next time you’re rolling your eyes imagining the car wash the team is planning, offer up a hip alternative while scoring cool cred for being earth-friendly while you’re at it.

Photo: Billboard Ecology

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