In Our Back Yards


Think Globally, Act Locally. You’ve seen the bumper sticker, but do you live the life? Where do we have access, each day, to making a difference? IOBY (In Our Back Yards) launched as a New York way of taking action on environmental issues. IOBY was created by three friends who went to Yale together and studied water conservation, climate change, and community resources–but they were frustrated that expertise was not action. So now, IOBY connects motivated individuals to money and methods to make a difference with site-based, local projects. There are plans to broaden to other cities in the near future, so more of us can be at cause for creating change on environmental issues that matter to us, IN OUR ENVIRONMENTS–our homes, our neighborhoods, our back yards. This grassroots group has funded 81 projects so far, block-by-block, and beautified neighborhoods, cleaned parks, built community gardens, created street festivals, revitalized dog parks, created recycling programs, and more.

It makes a difference to daily life for you, your neighbors, and the community you call home. Look for IOBY projects near you (and dive in if you are in NY! Find out about volunteering here.). It’s a model that works and opens the door so all of us can take a stake for our immediate world.

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